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BitMoji & Virtual Classroom Backgrounds (Freebie!)

In this next installment of the Bitmoji and Virtual Classroom series, we explore starting off with a great classroom background. Freebie included!

Intro to Bitmoji & Virtual Classrooms: A Series

The start of a new series on creating your own virtual classroom!

#TechTuesday: Bring Blogging to Class with EduBlogs

One of my favorite school experiences was when my 8th-grade teacher encouraged us to create our own blogs on Xanga, an early-2000’s service that sadly went the way of Myspace- still around, but no longer relevant. I loved the experience because the creativity and… Continue Reading “#TechTuesday: Bring Blogging to Class with EduBlogs”

#TechTuesday: Engage Students with e-Chat on Backchannel

Don’t you just love it when your students really get engaged in a discussion? The ideas are bouncing off each other, students are respectfully disagreeing or asking follow-up questions, and the collaborative learning is just lighting up all over the place! If whole-class discussions… Continue Reading “#TechTuesday: Engage Students with e-Chat on Backchannel”